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Awesome flash. I see krinkels at the end, and I cant help but think he helped/contributed in some way.
either way, this was sick, and since Hank has been a "zombie" Deimos has been my favorite character


But it doesnt hold up to the one before, "Real Legend 3". Though beautifully animated and amazingly detailed, it didnt hold up for some reason like 3 did. I still loved it, just like the first three, but it was a little short, and didnt have that pack that i was expecting. Either way, fuckin awesome, 5/5 9/10 Favorited

OMG Storyline!!!

I love the bad guys, they're so ridiculous!
I also enjoy that there is finally a storyline.
Good job 10/10 5/5 favorited
Good luck with season 3 and the new DVD!

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Makes me want to punch myself.

Because, god dammit, its frustrating. I make it about 20 in-game feet, and two shittly handled(on my behalf) curving rainbows before i die from the one-two punch of the damn bones. Fuck my life, and I now hate newgrounds.
you get a 7, do to the fact that my piece of shit computer can run it smoother than molasses, and pretty decent animation, despite the rocky controls, its still very fluid. 7/10, 4/5


I liked it, I really did. The whole management concept was a good idea. But why in the fuck do my girls get sick ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME? That shit made the game WAY harder than it was supposed to be. I couldnt get past day 60 without being in deby! I only had 3 damn girls! I was on EASY for piss sake. FIX THAT! Like I said, I fucking love this game, beyond the whole hentai thing, and u got a 9/10, but just fix the difficulty and sickness thing.

Sequel? When!!?!?

Loved it, made my guitar, which wasnt hard, since it was there when I opened up the game :) When's the sequel? It's January 2010 on you said by June 2008.
The song is Facefisted by Dethklok

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This is my ALL-TIME favorite game. The song makes me cry, and im only 15. There is a reason that this franchise is one of Nintendo's flagships, and its do to its epicness. Saria's song moved me hardcore. I still feel like a little nerd for crying over this, but I put it on while playin OoT on my Wii. My Gamecube broke, and I've had this game since I got it with the system, back 2002. I was 8, and this game, Ive loved since. Memories of me and my Dad playin the hell out of this game.
Touching; 10/10 5/5 Favorited.
Thank you
OoT Forever!

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Blown away

This picture is real cool. It's hard to believe that the "undiscovered" artists are the ones that are by far more badass with a canvas than some of these guys we see at auctions. Awesome job man, I can't wait to see more. 10/10 5/5 favorited

Wow nice.

Really Nicely Drawn, i don't really ever comment on drawings, but this was pretty sweet. I loved the red one, it reminded me of one of The Four Horsemen of The Apocolypse, War, described as being on a red hore' and having a sword, despite the horse...

uhh good job 9/10 5/5 Favorited

Hello this is koopakilla, I'm a student that plays baseball, paintball, and the guitar, but am here for one thing: Voice Acting, and watching movies and playing games. ok that's three things but who's counting. Oh yeah, you.

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